Why .WIN?

Game playing is one of life’s favourite pastimes as a social or competitive way to pass the time. For many of us, our natural competitive streak means that winning heightens the game playing pleasure immensely, and it can evoke the passion that makes us all feel more alive. Some games are played socially, with family members and friends, for fun. Other games can be played as part of a competition, sometimes for high stakes. The Internet era has enabled keen game players to play games of their choice to a far greater degree than ever previously imagined. The new .WIN generic Top Level Domain (TLD) provides gamers of all kinds with a TLD space dedicated to their online pastime, enabling them to comfortably and securely access the gaming information and services they have an interest in.

What is the .WIN registry?

Playing games has always been a good way of bringing people together, and through the Internet modern gaming continues to do this in a virtual setting: at least, for those who wish to retain the social element. Online communities exist for many online games to enhance the social element of the game. .WIN generic Top Level Domain (TLD) accommodates online gaming resources and services to cater for everyone within the gaming community, enabling them to conveniently access the resources they are searching for. With such a memorable domain name, the .WIN generic Top Level Domain (TLD) is easily recognizable as the place to go to for online gaming activities, and with the use of the .WIN generic Top Level Domain (TLD) name gaming enterprises can set themselves apart from their competitors.